Seit gut zehn Jahren besteht ein Austausch von Studierenden der Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design in Jerusalem und der HAW Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften in Hamburg. Der Freundeskreis der Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design Jerusalem in Deutschland e.V. fördert diesen Austausch durch die Vergabe eines Reisestipendiums, das mittlerweile an über 45 Studenten und Studentinnen beider Hochschulen vergeben wurde.

Seit Sommer 2011 ist das Stipendium Leah und Yehuda Bacon gewidmet und trägt ihren Namen.

Yehuda Bacon
Yehuda Bacon began studying at Bezalel in 1946, at a time when it was hard for most people in Israel to get along, but especially for someone like himself — a young holocaust survivor, and a new immigrant, all on his own in Jerusalem. There were many days when he went to bed hungry, and he suffered terribly from loneliness. But with the help of good people who befriended him he was able to finish his studies at Bezalel, and even to go abroad afterwards for further study. Being exposed to teachers and fellow students and artists in various countries while being confronted with the art of many different ages and different cultures greatly contributed to his development as a person as well as an artist.

He has always been well aware of how much he owes to the generous people who helped him in the difficult early years of his own studies, and he has always hoped that some day , in some way, he, in turn, would be able to help gifted young art students confronted with similar difficulties. Thus the donors to the scholarship fund will not only be assisting worthy students, they will also be enabling Yehuda to realize a long-held dream of being able to transform painful memories of his own early struggles into pleasant thoughts about the scholarship recipients, and how they will be given the opportunity to enlarge their horizons and serve as a bridge between different cultures, thereby helping to make the world into a better place…

Leah Bacon on the scholarship:
I was a scholarship student myself — at New York University: without the scholarship I wouldn’t have been able to study there. Studying at a large university in one of the biggest cities in the world was a marvelously broadening experience, especially for a young person coming from an extraordinarily sheltered environment, such as my own home was. My parents came to America in the l920s from a small town in the Ukraine to escape impossibly difficult economic and social conditions, each of them having left behind large families , all of whose members subsequently perished during the Second World War. I earned a B.A. in English literature at N.Y.U. and turned to Anglo-Irish literature for my M.A. . The supervisor of my dissertation was born in Ireland, and a lot of my fellow-students, with whom I spent a good deal of my free time, were recent immigrants from Ireland. I fell in love with the country and the people, their turbulent history and wonderful writers, and decided to apply for a grant to do research for a Ph.D. on the Aran Islands off the western coast of Ireland. My parents implored me to reconsider my decision: it seemed unthinkable that their daughter might be going off to a place that seemed so alien . Then one of my professors who happened to have a relative teaching at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, suggested that I might want to take a break from my studies before going to Ireland. He contacted his relative and asked him to inquire about the possibility of my teaching in Jerusalem for a year. He figured that my family.

Für weitere Informationen zu Stipendium und Bewerbung können sich Studierende an Nir Alon, International Coordinator HAW Hamburg / Faculty DMI ( oder direkt an den Freundeskreis der Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design Jerusalem in Deutschland e.V. wenden.

Ina Dinslage (Vorsitzende des Freundeskreises der Bezalel) und Yehuda Bacon in seiner Wohnung in Jerusalem
Ina Dinslage (Vorsitzende des Freundeskreises der Bezalel) und Yehuda Bacon in seiner Wohnung in Jerusalem